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Welcome to the College of Health Solutions

At the pulse of health, the College of Health Solutions is working to shift society's focus from health care to health. We give our students the knowledge and skills to innovate and create ways to improve health outcomes for individuals and populations.


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Catching up with the Affordable Care Act

With the midterm elections just months away, the issue of health care is once again a topic of conversation in the halls of Congress, in boardrooms and at dinner tables across the country. To understand where the Affordable Care Act stands today and what consequences the November election may bring, ASU Now spoke with Swapna Reddy, clinical assistant professor in...

What's new in the updated Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans?

The physical fitness arena is no stranger to fads. One day it’s yoga this, the next it’s CrossFit that. So it can be difficult to suss out what’s really beneficial to your health and what’s just the flavor of the month. In 2008, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sought to rectify that situation when it introduced the...

ASU program helps students interact with Banner MD Anderson cancer patients

Arizona State University pre-med students are entering into the emergency department to learn the best ways to communicate with patients at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. Students through the Pre-Health Internship Program register for the course, BIO 390, and complete clinical hours at the hospital. While the program has been available at other Banner hospital emergency departments, this is the...