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    Real solutions for health and health care issues drive
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    The College of Health Solutions works together to develop
    research that will make a difference in people’s lives.

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    Effective experiential teaching gives our
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    The experienced faculty of the College of Health Solutions
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Welcome to the College of Health Solutions

At the pulse of health, the College of Health Solutions is working to shift society's focus from health care to health. We give our students the knowledge and skills to innovate and create ways to improve health outcomes for individuals and populations.


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Sound researcher receives highest honor for decades of work in hearing science

We learn the basics of hearing — sound waves, ear parts, and the effects of pitch and volume — sometime around third grade, but there are still mysteries to unravel, including how we process where sounds are located, especially if there are a lot of different sounds at one time, or how we handle sounds that are moving. William Yost...

Effective teaching course a game changer for College of Health Solutions faculty

Smartphones, apps, social media and other technology innovations have forever changed our lives, and that includes higher education. The current university learning environment is vastly different from even a few years ago. Today’s students expect their classroom experience to be as fast-paced, personal and responsive as the electronic devices they use, challenging faculty to revisit teaching methods and work to...

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Arizona State University embraces the heat of the Sonoran Desert it calls home. Its influence is everywhere, from the aptly named “ Inferno ” student section at sporting events to the university’s iconic Sun Devil mascot. Research has even shown that athletes who train in the heat show improved performance in all temperatures. However, ensuring enough fluid intake in those...