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Working for the health of all

At the College of Health Solutions, you will have the opportunity to make a difference by participating in research. You don’t have to wait — you’re welcome to be a part of this exciting work from your very first semester. Our research focuses on addressing society’s most pressing problems related to health and health care. You will be on the front lines, testing interventions to improve the health of individuals and populations and the way care is provided.





increase in grant proposals from 2020-2021 (From $129,448,859 to $208,220,904)


increase in research awards from 2020-2021 (From $17,986,610 to $19,158,717)


new state-of-the-art research facilities opened recently, representing 370,000 square feet of new research space.

Research focus areas

Are you interested in research aimed at improving health outcomes? Our faculty conduct research that directly affects the quality of life and well-being of people in all stages of life.


Systems of health care and the health needs of populations

We improve the systems and policies essential for healthy people.

Health and human performance of individuals across the lifespan

We optimize health and function with prevention, rehabilitation and elite performance.

Personalized interventions through precision health

We develop interventions based on biological, social, behavioral and environmental determinants of health.



Cool building

Taking research from cell to society

Our translational approach to research aims to shorten the time between discovery and implementation, speeding up improvements in health and health care.

Centers and core services

The College of Health Solutions provides data and research support to faculty as well as public and private research centers. 

Our research facilities

Faculty and students conduct research in a variety of settings across our campuses.