CHS students

What is the College of Health Solutions?

Improving the future of health

Health care is a vast field with limitless career options for people who want to make a difference. The only college of its kind, the College of Health Solutions is devoted to understanding and solving the world’s biggest health challenges while training the next generation of health care professionals. In pursuing careers that help people maximize their health, some of our students become doctors or nurses, but most pursue other health care roles — personal trainers, dietitians, occupational therapists, counselors and more. They work in clinical spaces, research labs, corporate offices and other settings. But regardless of where their diverse interests and career paths take them, College of Health Solutions students are united by a common purpose: improving health for everyone. 

Connecting people to better health

Health is a journey. Over the course of their lifespans, people experience different kinds of health challenges. But we believe that everyone is capable — and deserving — of achieving their own optimal health. That’s what our students train for. We weave together various aspects of health to teach a proactive approach to wellness.

What can I learn?

The College of Health Solutions’ degree programs prepare you to improve the health of individuals and communities. Whether you want to treat patients, conduct research or work behind the scenes in a professional support role, you’ll find a specialized health degree to help you achieve your goals. Plus, we regularly update our program offerings based on the changing needs of the industry. 


Blake shares what he’s learned from the College of Health Solutions

Pre-health at ASU

If you’re considering a career as a health professional, Health Professions Advising is here to support you. A pre-health advisor can help ensure you’re prepared for medical school or another professional program and that you’re on track to achieve your goals.


Our graduates help people optimize their health so they can thrive.