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Degree programs in speech and hearing science

Human communication is essential

Communication challenges can directly contribute to quality-of-life concerns, including isolation and mental health issues. Fortunately, many people who have trouble with speech and hearing can be helped. Speech and hearing science is the study of the human communication process. That includes anatomy and physiology of the hearing and speech systems, and the normal development of speech and language production and perception. 

Speech and hearing professionals prevent, diagnose and treat communication disorders in children and adults, including people on the autism spectrum; bilingual language learners; those experiencing hearing impairment, delayed or disordered speech, or stuttering; and patients recovering from strokes or who have degenerative or neurological disease.

Through coursework and research with expert faculty, graduates of our speech and hearing science programs gain the knowledge and skills needed to work in hospitals, schools and private business as audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and assistants in audiology, speech-language pathology and research. 

Our accredited and highly ranked graduate programs offer a pathway to becoming an audiologist or speech-language pathologist. In fact, the majority of our graduates are accepted into Doctor of Audiology and Master of Science in communication disorders programs. Plus, students can pursue a speech and hearing science undergraduate degree and earn a certificate to become a speech-language pathology assistant all in one place. 

Pursue your passion

  • Audiologist
  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Speech-language pathology assistant
  • Social and human service assistant
  • Community health worker
  • Hearing aid specialist
  • Social science research assistant
  • Hearing aid or cochlear implant company representatives

Note: Some health careers will require additional advanced degrees.

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