Degree program in biomedical diagnostics

Using innovation to improve health

Health care innovation drives transformation and improvement of the human experience. Our biomedical diagnostics program puts you on the path to leadership in a critical and innovative industry.

Diagnostics is essential to the practice of medicine, as it provides crucial information for the screening, diagnosis, prognosis, detection of diseases and treatment selection. Today, biomedical diagnostics is involved in more than 70 percent of all clinical decision making.

Biomedical diagnostics students explore and develop a deep understanding of the science, technology and business of how modern medicine diagnoses disease today and in the future. They analyze aspects of the diagnostics industry and learn how they interact with health care and life sciences. The cross-disciplinary curriculum is taught by expert, international faculty who are leaders in engineering, technology, medicine, law and business. Graduates can pursue diverse options such as executive leadership, competitive intelligence, research and development, laboratory management or entrance to professional school.

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  • clinical research
  • competitive intelligence
  • quality assurance
  • research lab

Department Heads

  • diagnostics
  • laboratory
  • regulatory compliance
  • research and development


  • accounts
  • clinical research
  • marketing and sales
  • medical and health services
  • product
  • quality control
  • research lab
  • program and project management

Laboratorian and Technologists

  • clinical lab
  • research lab

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