Create better health outcomes

Good health starts with you. Join us to make a difference for people and communities.


Improving health for everyone means reaching people where they live, learn, work and play throughout their lifespan — and at the College of Health Solutions, that's our entire focus. We are committed to translating scientific health research and discovery into practice by bringing together researchers, faculty, students and community partners to work on specific health challenges. We prepare students to reimagine health and create a better future by addressing the challenges facing people to stay healthy, improve their health and manage chronic disease.

We are all in for better health outcomes, and there's no place like us — which is what you'd expect from a college at ASU, the most innovative university in the nation.

Let's work together to make good health happen. What health solution do you want to be part of?

A Year in Review

A look back on the past year shows how we’ve made big gains in our ongoing mission to improve health and well-being. Read about our research, people, programs and collaborations.

Year in Review 2020-2021 cover image