doctors ihc 2023 conference
Oct. 17-18, 2023 | Hybrid

Global Integrated Health Care Fall 2023 Conference

Integrated Health Care conference

Have We Reached the Breaking Point? Rising Chronic Illness, Emotional Distress and Pain in the Era of COVID-19 and the Environmental Crises

Join colleagues, practitioners and health leaders online for the ASU College of Health Solutions Fall 2023 Integrated Health Care Conference.


We are experiencing a global syndemic, defined as a synergistic interaction between biological and socioecological factors that adversely impact populations, especially those affected by health inequalities. The interaction of COVID-19, the rising prevalence of noncommunicable disease, increasing unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, psychological distress and harmful substance use is a syndemic. Global warming and air pollution are rising and adversely impact our health. There is a lack of evidence-based research on how to systematically address these interrelated problems with public health, integrated health care strategies and techniques. This conference will address this gap by answering the questions: What is the nature of interactions between COVID-19, NCD’s, lifestyle behaviors, psychological distress and harmful substance use? Which sub-populations are more adversely impacted by this syndemic? What can we do to improve NCD’s, lifestyle health behaviors, harmful substance use, global warming and pollution?


Oct. 17-18, 2023
2–7 p.m. MST (Arizona time)


This hybrid conference will take place in person on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus and online.

Downtown Phoenix campus
Mercado Building C, Room 145
502 E. Monroe St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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Learning objectives

  • Describe the global syndemic of COVID-19, noncommunicable disease, unhealthy lifestyle, psychological distress, global warming and air pollution.
  • Describe populations at greater risk for adverse outcomes in the global syndemic based on health disparities and inequities.
  • Identify integrated health care interventions targeting one or more of the conditions or problems in the global syndemic.

Conference committee

The 2023 Integrated Health Care Conference was organized by the College of Health Solutions. The planning committee includes representatives from different gender, racial, ethnic and age groups from a variety of disciplines. The composition of the committee is designed to reflect the broader Arizona community. The topic and speaker selections are also designed to address diversity in the integrated health care workforce and in approaches to diverse patient populations.