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Translational Science

ASU’s College of Health Solutions is committed to improving health outcomes. One way we’re doing this is through translational science, using our Translational Teams.

Translational research aims to improve health by shortening the time between discoveries and the development of community and clinical practices, and ultimately improvements in population health. Our most pressing health challenges have multiple layers: medical, geographic, environmental, psychosocial and cultural. Addressing just one factor means we may miss identifying the most effective solutions. Translational Teams connect university researchers and staff with clinical and community partners, industry innovators and students to do research that addresses community and individual health needs from the very beginning.

Teams self-organize around solving a pressing health problem or challenge. The problems tackled are multi-faceted, complex, and have long-term impacts on mortality, morbidity or well-being. Our teams are empowered to take on emerging health problems that are currently affecting local populations. These teams bring together a broad array of expertise and knowledge to create better health outcomes. The focus is on practical, real world solutions, driven by data, that work in people’s daily lives to significantly improve health in our communities.

Community Partnerships

Communities drive the questions we need to ask. Community partners are active, vital members of Translational Teams and may come from any sector of our communities: hospitals, health care clinics, dental clinics, schools, nonprofits, business and industry, charitable or grassroots organizations. These partners provide important insights into the health needs of populations in our community, and bring unique and valuable skills and knowledge to the process. Potential community partners are encouraged to contact us regarding the development of new teams or becoming a member of an existing team.

Student Opportunities

Students on Translational Teams gain experience in addressing community health needs through research and translational science. Undergraduate, graduate and certificate track students are eligible for participation with a team for up to four years and may be eligible for course credit. Search for opportunities on the Community Placements Database.

Translational Teams at the College of Health Solutions

The below Translational Teams have been formed thus far. Additional teams will be formed and developed in the coming years.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Child Language and Literacy
  • COVID-19 Translational Team
  • Improving Outcomes for Children with Cleft Palate
  • Maternal Child Health
  • Metabolic Health
  • Value-Based Payment for Oral Health in Arizona


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