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Information for navigating COVID-19 with testing.

Given the unparalleled threats and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, sharing information is more important than ever. Here you’ll gain insights, knowledge and strategies to help you navigate the challenges, improve decision-making and take control of your workplace and your life.

Colorful graphic of diverse people wearing masks

The COVID pandemic: Testing and disparities

People of color are up to 9 times more likely to get COVID-19 and, if they do, they’re more likely to be hospitalized, too.

Children and teacher with masks in classroom

School system leadership in an almost impossible era

As head of the classes, school Superintendent Manuel Valenzuela shares challenges of keeping kids learning and safe through COVID-19, as well as some lessons learned through the pandemic.

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Dealing with COVID-19 in the workplace: Planning for employee safety and outbreak prevention

The work-from-home option simply doesn’t work for all employees. How can organizations with people on-site keep everybody safe from COVID-19? Testing is the answer. This blog provides tools to help employers implement workplace testing programs.

COVID-19 vaccine vials

The Future of Testing for COVID Immunity

Testing and breakthroughs: The Delta variant of COVID-19 is a new beast to battle, and breakthrough transmission raises questions on testing approaches. This blog covers factors for researchers to consider.

Blue virus

Interpretation of SARS-CoV-2 Immune Response Tests

T-cell tests 101: Learn what affects T-cell-based tests, how these diagnostic tools can be used and when immune response tests should be used.

Rack of test tubes

Viral load and Ct values – How do we use quantitative PCR quantitatively?

Viral load impacts disease severity, and most COVID-19 testing identifies it, but this data rarely gets reported. This blog explains why and looks at some challenges in sharing viral load test results with clinicians and epidemiologists.

Dog nose and fur

COVID-19 testing: Going to the dogs?

You may not be feeling sick as a dog, but if you’ve been infected with COVID-19, there’s a good chance a dog would sniff it out.

Virus and world map

SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics: A moving target

Variants, vaccination and testing: Factor all three into COVID-19 diagnostics, and things get complicated. Variants have the potential to impact the accuracy of some tests, while vaccination raises the possibility of false positives.

Virus green

All eyes on Israel and Brazil

Which COVID-19 strains are most worrisome? Can they re-infect people who’ve already recovered from one bout of the virus? Do mutations threaten to derail our testing strategies, treatment protocols and vaccine effectiveness?

COVID-19 organism

How worried should we be about newly emerging strains of SARS CoV2?

Will our efforts to gain COVID-19 herd immunity crack under the new virus strains? Here is a look at the most threatening strains that have developed so far and answers to your questions on how they’ll impact testing accuracy, mortality rates, vaccine effectiveness and more.