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Center for Health Information and Research

Center for Health Information and Research

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Data access/usage policy

CHiR has written policies and procedures in place to protect the confidentiality of information that it houses. All data that are stored at CHiR are securely transmitted, stored, and maintained with access granted only to authorized data analysts and researchers with different levels of access defined.

Procedure for data access

  1. Submit request form and other supporting documentation (study protocols, IRB approvals/exemptions, etc.)
  2. CHiR reviews the request for feasibility and determines other approvals needed.
    1. For aggregated data, a HIPAA Waiver of Authorization is required.
    2. For data that includes HIPAA identifiers (i.e., date of birth, zip code, dates of services, other dates), a Data Use Agreement is required.
  3. CHiR provides internal approval and fees, if applicable. A formal service agreement may be executed depending on the project size and scope.
  4. CHiR seeks approval from the data source(s).
    1. For Medicaid data, AHCCCS (Arizona Medicaid) must review/approve.
    2. For state hospital discharge data or vital records, the Arizona Department of Health Services must review/approve.
    3. For health care workforce data, the appropriate state licensing board must review/approve.
    4. For other data sources, the data owner must approve.
  5. After data source approval is received, CHiR enters the request on the work queue and determines the delivery date. Data that includes any HIPAA identifier can only be released via a secure, encrypted method (i.e., secure FTP, secure cloud-based system, etc.) Email is not a secure method.

Note: Except with the approval of the appropriate IRB and/or Privacy Board and the data source, identified data (Limited Data Sets or custom data sets) are not released.

Service fees

Services provided under our recharge center will be assessed fees at the following rates.

Activity Internal ASU Rate Non-Profit Rate For-Profit Rate
Consulting $190/hour $200/hour $275/hour
Administration $75/hour $100/hour $100/hour
Jr Level Technical Services $75/hour $100/hour $110/hour
Sr Level Technical Services $100/hour $150/hour $175/hour


For services that do not fall under our recharge center, such as full technical support for organized research projects, fees will be determined according to the services provided.

Processing time

All requests for data/services must be evaluated by our leadership for feasibility and for HIPAA and other compliance impacts. Please allow time for review and final determination. We will contact you for next steps.

Data consents/approvals may also be required which will delay processing time. Processing fees are assessed based on CHIR's standard rates, but customized to each request.

For urgent requests, contact us via phone at (602) 496-2009.

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