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Center for Health Information and Research

Center for Health Information and Research

Request CHiR services

CHiR works with a large number of researchers, clients and other investigators to pursue a variety of data-driven queries. We always welcome  new collaborations and projects.

Procedure for data access

  1. If you would like to learn more about collaborating with CHiR on a specific project, please use the link below to submit a request form along with other supporting documentation as available (study protocols, IRB approvals/exemptions, etc.). We welcome questions not related to a specific project by phone or email (chir@asu.edu).
  2. CHiR reviews submitted requests for feasibility and determines if other approvals are needed (i.e., HIPAA Waiver of Authorization, Data Use Agreement, Data Custodian, etc.). We will work with you to finalize the details of your request on our service request form, which will include a quote of our service fee, if applicable.
  3. After your approval of the service request, CHiR will help obtain any required approvals.
  4. After all approvals are received, CHiR will work with the researcher or client to create a timeline for key deliverables. Data that includes any HIPAA identifiers can only be released via a secure, encrypted method.

Note: Except with the approval of the appropriate IRB and/or Privacy Board and the data custodian, identified data are not released.

Data access/usage policy

CHiR has written policies and procedures in place to protect the confidentiality of information that it houses. All data that are stored at CHiR are securely transmitted, stored, and maintained with access granted only to authorized data analysts and researchers.

Service fees

CHiR is a recharge center in the College of Health Solutions and will charge fees related to staff effort and data storage, analysis, and transmission costs. Quotes for services will be provided through the service request process.

Processing time

All requests for data/services must be evaluated by our staff for feasibility and for HIPAA and other compliance impacts. Please allow time for review, approvals, and final determination.

For urgent requests, contact us via phone at (602) 496-2009.

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