Center for Health Information and Research

Current Activities

Asthma in Maricopa County

Study Leader: ASU Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program (2015 – present)

The study leader along with researchers from Mayo Clinic are studying children with asthma in Maricopa County in order to understand the root causes of asthma exacerbations that are potentially preventable in children and to develop a sustainable model for asthma care to reduce preventable admissions and emergency department visits. CHiR is conducting analysis of its Medicaid claims data and providing summary results of the health care utilization of this population to the study team.

Reporting on Arizona Medicaid Patients for Community Health Centers

Sponsor: Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers (2014 – ongoing)

The sponsor is determining the value of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) care of patients enrolled in AHCCCS by studying their health care utilization, cost, and quality of care. CHiR is preparing the analysis data sets, conducting the analyses, and reporting aggregate results to the sponsor. CHiR also provides weekly on-site technical services to the sponsor, creating databases of health information and analyzing local data.

Physicians’ Use, Exchange, and Evaluation of Electronic Medical Records

Sponsor: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)/ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) (2007- ongoing)

This study is an ongoing collaboration with AHCCCS to track the use of electronic medical records among allopathic and osteopathic physicians in Arizona, with a special focus on physicians who serve AHCCCS members. CHiR coordinates with the state physician licensing boards to continue implementation of the electronic survey in conjunction with applications for licensure.  CHiR collects the administrative data (licensing and survey) from the boards, merges it with other available data for analysis, and reports the findings annually.

Assessment of Medicaid Children’s Vision Health in Arizona

Sponsor: Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust (2015 – ongoing)


The sponsor is implementing a statewide vision health initiative. To inform the initiative, CHiR has provided summary results of the vision and eye care services provided to children on Medicaid over several years. CHiR is also providing biannual reports of the use of specific vision screenings and other analyses as requested.

Evaluation of Strong Start II

Sponsor: Urban Institute (CMS)


Health Management Associates and the Urban Institute are conducting Independent evaluation of Strong Start II, federal program that aims to improve maternal and infant outcomes for women enrolled in Medicaid and receiving care under three innovative prenatal care models. CHiR is providing claim level Limited Data Sets of health usage and birth certificate data on mothers and infants participating in Strong Start II and a comparison group of mothers and infants with similar characteristics.

Financing and Service Delivery Integration for Individuals on Medicaid with Behavioral Health Disorders

Study Leader: ASU School for the Science of Health Care Delivery


This Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded study is to improve the health care delivery and financing systems for medical care and other services provided to individuals with behavioral health disorders. CHiR prepares analysis data sets and summary results (integrated and non-integrated) of varied data, including state Medicaid data, state hospital discharge data, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office booking and release data, and county adult probation data.

The Patient-Centered Network of Learning Health Systems

Sponsor: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


A clinical data research network that operates under a common networked infrastructure to share health data and conduct clinical research. ASU is one of nine sites in the network and CHiR serves as ASU’s technical hub, managing the data infrastructure and processing data queries from the research network against health claims and electronic medical records.

Medical Respite Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

Sponsor: Circle the City (CMS)


A study evaluating the outcomes of medical respite care on health, health care, and costs of care. CHiR is providing health care utilization data from Medicaid claims on consenting patients who received treatment at Circle the City, Phoenix’s only medical respite care provider. The data consists of all treatment received 12 months prior to entering respite care and 12 months after leaving the respite center.

Value of Care Among Allopathic and Osteopathic Physicians

Sponsor: Midwestern University (American Osteopathic Association)

This collaborative study will measure the value of osteopathic care by comparing patient outcomes and costs of care for specific diseases/conditions treated by osteopathic physicians versus allopathic physicians. CHiR will group Medicaid claims into episodes of care for diseases/conditions of interests and treated by osteopathic physicians. A comparison group of patients treated by allopathic physicians will be propensity matched. Arizona Physician Workforce Data will be linked to the claims and analysis data sets will be created and analyzed for the research team.


CHiR also regularly fulfills various smaller requests for health information for use in proposals, internal operations, programs/interventions, publications, and other studies.