Welcome from the Dean

Portrait of Dean HelitzerWelcome to the College of Health Solutions, the heart of health at Arizona State University!

I joined the College of Health Solutions as its new dean in August 2017 because I share its commitment to helping students think and learn about health in new ways. We are dedicated to preparing students to address the challenges facing our populations to stay healthy, improve their health, and manage any chronic diseases – all with the intent of improving health outcomes for people. We also want students to learn how to improve the current health care system to increase access to care, and manage patients better, in order to improve their health. Health solutions.

We are dedicated to translating scientific discoveries into practical interventions.  We provide students with an education that will prepare them to contribute to the health workforce and that will give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our leaders and faculty actively work within their professional networks of health and health care organizations to ensure our diverse academic degree programs and continuing education programs are meeting market needs and demands. Collectively, we can help to shift the focus on health from a sickness model to a wellness model, and address all of the factors that enable or prevent our populations to be healthy and stay healthy.

To effect that change, it is important to engage our youth in the mission. We are passionate about exposing children and teens to health solutions, so they can learn healthy practices they can adopt at home, and consider careers to become part of the solution to the world’s health challenges. Through our interactive summer programs like Barrett Summer Scholars and the Summer Health Institute, they have the opportunity to learn how to prepare nutritious meals and exercise to live healthfully, and participate in hands-on activities with local health care professionals.

Our faculty are addressing society's most pressing problems related to health and health care through their research in the areas of behavioral health, biomedical informatics and biomedical diagnostics, exercise science and kinesiology, nutrition, public and population health, science of health care delivery, and speech and hearing science.

Come join the College of Health Solutions’ crusade to take the “I” out of Illness and replace it with a “We” for Wellness!

Deborah Helitzer
Dean of the College of Health Solutions