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Patient Work Projects

Current projects

Digital storytelling project

The team is conducting interviews with individuals who are experiencing patient work (the work individuals engage in to seek, maintain and coordinate their health care). One goal of the project is to make visible the lived experience of patients in digital stories.

Native Health Helping Hands project

This comprehensive project aims to organize care and services for underserved populations with a particular focus on Native Americans. As part of the initiative, undergraduate students function as interns at Native Health, guiding individuals to health and social services in Phoenix. The program is extended to Mesa, Arizona, and a fellowship is established to enhance the project's components and create a dashboard showcasing the availability of housing beds for homeless individuals and families. Funding for this initiative is provided by ASU's Knowledge Exchange for Resilience.

Navigating the diagnostic quest: The patient work of endometriosis

This project is uses qualitative methods (narrative interviews) to investigate the patient work of those seeking a formalized medical diagnosis for endometriosis. This work will be used for broader research that will deepen the empirical knowledge that can be used to develop health care and health IT interventions that will accelerate the time to diagnosis for endometriosis.

Project Lead: Samantha Whitman

Student involvement

Students can participate in research related to health services and science and technology. Students will gain experience in project management, research and data analytics while learning ways to engage the community and helping the team build itself.

The projects students can work on:

  • Narratives of patient work experiential learning
  • Native Health Helping Hands project
  • Navigating the diagnostic quest: The patient work of endometriosis sufferers research project

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