Palliative Care ECHO

Program goal

Enhance provider capacity in the use of palliative care best practices to better diagnose, manage and provide quality (high-value) care for patients with complex serious illness.

About the Palliative Care ECHO

It is suggested that about 75% of people with serious and life-limiting illness may benefit from enrollment in a palliative care program. However, despite an increasingly aging population and a global population plagued by chronic illnesses, gaps in palliative care education of the current and future health care workforce still remain. As such, the overarching challenges in this field include the shortfall of hospice and palliative medicine clinicians available to provide high-quality care to our chronically ill population and the subsequent lack of palliative care options for rural health care patients and providers. 

The Palliative Care ECHO program seeks to close this gap and address these issues by establishing a learning network of providers to increase the capacity of clinicians treating patients with complex serious illness.

Who should attend?

  • Providers (MD/DO, PA, NP, RN, OT, PT, ST, LPN, LCSW, etc.)
  • Medical residents, fellows, students
  • Hospital based palliative care team members
  • Palliative care team members
  • Home health providers
  • Community Health Workers
  • Case Managers
  • Providers and/or caregivers from SNF’s, long-term nursing facilities, respite centers, independent/assisted-living facilities, etc.
  • Caregivers from the group home setting
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about providing best practice palliative care services.

Meet our team

  • Greg Mayer, MD
  • Joe Solien, PharmD
  • Franc Cordova, MD, FAAHPM
  • Erin Waters, MSW
  • Jenell Currence, MSN, CHPN

External partners:
Hospice of the Valley
Oscar & Elsa Mayer Family Foundation

Palliative Care ECHO contact:
Greg Mayer, Medical Director

General ECHO inquiries:


Case study

We highly encourage participants to present a case during our live sessions. Case studies are based on real-life scenarios and is an opportunity for a participant to request advice and recommendations from other participants and the Hub Team. If you have a patient case and would like to present during one of our ECHO sessions for clinical consultation and/or discussion, please fill out the form.