Join the Movement

We are working to touch the lives of 1 billion people by 2025.

How to participate

1. Become part of the learning network by joining one of our ASU ECHO programs or partner programs

Primary Care Providers, the "spokes" in our model, become part of a learning community, where they receive mentoring and feedback from our specialists. Together, they manage patient cases, so patients get the care they need, from a provider they know and trust. 

2. Partner with ASU ECHO to launch your own Project ECHO hub

As part of ASU ECHO's mission, we are constantly looking for community partners who are eager to join the ECHO movement and launch their own hubs throughout Arizona. If you are interested in building your own Project ECHO clinic focused upon your clinical area of expertise, please contact us today! We will work with clinical providers and staff to assist with the development, launch, and operations of your own teleECHO clinics

3. Join the larger Project ECHO Community

If you are a primary care provider and do not see an ASU ECHO or partner ECHO program that meets your needs, please contact us today. We can help connect you to the larger Project ECHO community, expanding the resources and teleECHO networks available for your participation!