Dermoscopy ECHO

Program goal

The Dermoscopy ECHO program aims to better equip health professionals with expert-level knowledge to provide high quality medical care by providing training on use of a dermatoscope and the subsequent interpretation of the results.

About the Dermoscopy ECHO

The goal of the Dermoscopy ECHO is to teach beginning and advanced dermoscopic technique and interpretation to clinical healthcare providers, including dermatologists and primary care providers. This ECHO program aims to equip clinical healthcare providers with the skills and knowledge to increase their confidence in identification and decision-making for dermatological conditions to address the gap in the number of providers performing skin exams and making decisions about further intervention. Case-based learning strategies will be woven into each Dermoscopy ECHO session to help learners develop the skills they need to both effectively use and interpret the dermatoscope. Ultimately, participants will be able to make decisions about follow-up referrals, leading to enhanced patient care.

Who should attend?

  • Physicians
  • Resident physicians and fellows
  • Nurses

Meet our team

  • Dr. Robert West, Board Certified Internist, Medical Skin Consultant
  • Dr. David Swanson, Professor of Dermatology, Mayo Clinic Arizona
  • Jonna Allen, BSN, Dermatology Certified Nurse


Program Contact:
Elisabeth Williams

General ECHO Inquiries:


Case study

We highly encourage participants to present a case during our live sessions. Case studies are based on real-life scenarios and provide an opportunity for a participant to request advice and recommendations from other participants and the Dermoscopy ECHO team. If you have a patient case and would like to present during one of our ECHO sessions for clinical consultation and/or discussion, please fill out the form.