Behavioral Health Integration ECHO

Program goal

To provide training in management strategies for developing and sustaining behavioral health integration.

About the Behavioral Health Integration ECHO

Arizona currently ranks 3rd worst in the country for access to mental health treatment. Without the ability to access traditional mental health centers, patients often rely on primary care providers as their singular point to access mental health services. Up to 60% of patients with behavioral health problems are treated solely in primary medicine, while nearly 80% of antidepressant medications are prescribed by primary care providers. One solution for providing better treatment is the integration of behavioral health providers (ie. psychologists, social workers, family therapists, etc.) into the primary care setting.

The ASU Behavioral Health Integration ECHO provides training in management strategies for developing and sustaining behavioral health integration. The curriculum is delivered through case-based learning strategies to your clinic every week via video conferencing technology. Provided at no-cost, community learners within this model will have access to an interdisciplinary healthcare team specialized in behavioral health integration.

Who should attend?

  • Practice Managers
  • Clinicians with leadership/management roles
  • Administrators
  • Behavioral health specialists with leadership/management roles
  • Behavioral health consultants
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about best practices for behavioral health integration

Meet our team

  • Cathy Hudgins
  • Lesley Manson, PsyD

Case study

We highly encourage participants to present a case during our live sessions. Case studies are based on real-life scenarios and is an opportunity for a participant to request advice and recommendations from other participants and the Hub Team. If you have a patient case and would like to present during one of our ECHO sessions for clinical consultation and/or discussion, please fill out the form.

Behavioral Health Integration ECHO Contact:
Melina Cox-Ferreras

General ECHO Inquiries: