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Clinical Experience

The AuD clinical training program at ASU has been designed such that upon completion, students will have met all the requirements for state licensure as audiologists. In addition, they will have met the standard of excellence set for all graduates from the ASU AuD professional training program.  The training is designed to maximize students’ employment opportunities upon entry into the professional job market. 

The College of Health Solutions houses the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic, which provides the campus-based clinical training for the AuD program. The clinic provides diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology services to the public on a fee-for-service basis.  Graduate audiology students provide the clinical services under direct supervision of the departments ASHA-certified clinical faculty members.  Clinical audiology services include comprehensive diagnostic assessment using behavioral and physiologic measures, dispensing of hearing aid and hearing assistive technology, cochlear implant mapping, vestibular assessment, and provision of individual and group audiologic rehabilitation and therapy services. Clinical populations include toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, adults, and developmentally and multiply-handicapped persons.

Practicum Rotations

The clinical component of the AuD program utilizes a progressive clinical education model coupled with simultaneous course-based instruction. Students 1) gain exposure to clinic via a semester of clinic preparation and observation (SHS 526 Launch to Clinic), then 2) all students are required to complete a minimum of three supervised on-campus and four supervised off-campus clinical rotations. The goal is to foster independent service provision as students progress through a series of on- and off-campus clinical rotations. To be recommended for Clinical Certification in Audiology to ASHA, a student must accumulate a minimum of 1820 hours of supervised clinical practicum sufficient in depth and breadth to achieve the knowledge and skills outcomes stipulated in the 2012 ASHA certification standards in audiology. The additional practicum hours can be completed during the optional 4th-year externship or post-graduation under the supervision of an ASHA-certified audiologist.

Our Practicum Partners

The greater Phoenix Metropolitan area offers ASU AUD students clinical placements from a large selection of hospitals, clinics, private practice audiology or ENT offices, and educational facilities. These varied clinical placements provide experience in professional and clinical skill development opportunities with diverse patients, clients, hearing/balance disorders, and clinical methodologies. 

The doctor of audiology program has established affiliations with highly reputable local and national audiology facilities to provide clinical training to our AuD students. Below are links to a few of our off-campus clinical placement sites.

Flexible Clinical Externship Training

Students have the option of graduating after completion of the three-year ASU AuD program or completing a 4th-year clinical externship by enrolling in 1 credit per semester.  To date, ASU AuD students have been competitively placed at externship sites nationwide.  Some of the sites include: Boys Town National Research Hospital, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, University of California San Francisco, University of Michigan Health System, Pittsburgh VA Hospital, Dallas Ear Institute, Central Institute for the Deaf, Rady Children’s Hospital, Henry Ford Health System, Boston Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Walter Reed national Military Medical Center, Portland VA Medical Center, and the John Tracey Clinic, are among the sites.   The flexible 4th-year offers students and preceptors the opportunity to tailor the externship experience.  The student may graduate at the end of any semester of the 4th-year as planned with their preceptor or as necessary (e.g. the externship site makes the position permanent, unforeseen changes at the externship site).