Biomedical Diagnostics Series
3 sessions starting June 14, 2023 | online

2023 Biomedical Diagnostics series

Biomedical Diagnostics Global series

Diagnostics: Fulfilling its Potential

Join colleagues, health providers and researchers online for the inaugural 2023 Biomedical Diagnostics Discussion Series in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a three-part series starting June 14, with two more sessions coming in the fall.

The series of dynamic discussions will begin on Wednesday, June 14. Each discussion will involve leading national experts in the chosen topic. Participants will be able to interact and ask questions as part of the discussion. 

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Topics for this year’s discussion series 

June 14, 2023 | Diagnostics for the Healthy: The Screening Paradox.

What are the pros and cons of screening from cancer to COVID.  Which tests are being over and underutilized? How can screening be economically feasible? Will we ever have effective screening tests from a single drop of blood?


Karen Anderson, MD, PhD
Associate Dean of Strategic Research Initiatives and Professor

ASU The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Health Solutions Ambassador
ASU College of Health Solutions

Bruce J. Tromberg, PhD
Director, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
National Institutes of Health

Mara Aspinall, moderator
Professor of practice

ASU College of Health Solutions


Fall 2023 | Diagnostics technology in the Post COVID-19 Lab 

What technologies will transform the lab of the future?  How should labs utilize any excess capacity?  What role does data and informatics play? Where are the growth opportunities in current lab infrastructure? 

Fall 2023 | Diagnostics: What do healthcare providers know or should know about diagnostics? 

How do physicians learn about diagnostics?  What incentives exist for providers and payers to use or not use testing?  What role should diagnostics labs and manufacturers play in education?