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Biostatistics CoreThe primary goal of the Biostatistics Core (BC) is to provide biostatistics expertise for research projects in the College of Health Solutions (CHS), the University and the community, and to address the critical methodological and analytical needs of CHS research faculty. The BC’s mission is to enhance biostatistics capabilities in CHS and ASU, in collaboration with the research centers and institutes at the College and ASU. Specifically, the BC will:

  • Provide biostatistics support in the grants analyses sections: Study design, sample size calculation, statistical methods for grant submissions
  • Provide data analysis and interpretation for funded grants, manuscripts, pilot studies, abstract submissions, protocol preparation, and student projects
  • Provide data maintenance and management for grants and large-scale projects: Data collection, cleaning, and storage
  • Support survey-based research and analysis
  • Provide workshops/seminars/training programs in research methods, big data, statistics, and survey data tool
  • Serve as a shared research hub to address methodological and analytical needs within CHS

For more information about the Biostatistics Core, please email bcinfo@asu.edu or Juan.Beltran@asu.edu.

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