Admission requirements

GPA Requirement: None

Incompatible Majors: BS in dietetics, BS in food and nutrition entrepreneurship; BS in health sciences (healthy lifestyles and fitness science); BAS in food and nutrition entrepreneurship; BS in nutritional science

Other Enrollment Requirements: None

Current ASU undergraduate students may pursue a minor and have it recognized on their ASU transcript at graduation. Minor requirements appear on the degree audit once the minor is added. Certain major and minor combinations may be deemed inappropriate by the college or department of either the major program or the minor. Courses taken for the minor may not count toward both the major and minor.

Program requirements

The minor requires a total of 18 credit hours. A grade of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) or better is required for each course in the minor.

Many courses in this minor require CHM 101 (or CHM 113) as a prerequisite. Please ensure all prerequisites are met when planning this minor.

Not all of the minor elective course options are available to ASU Online students.

Required Courses -- 9 credit hours

NTR 100: Introduction to Nutrition Science or NTR 241: Human Nutrition (3)
NTR 345: Development of Healthy Cuisines (3)
NTR 450: Nutrition in the Life Cycle (SB) or HSC 355: Eating for Lifelong Health (SB) (3)

Upper-Division Electives (select three courses) -- 9 credit hours

NTR 320: History of Human Nutrition (3)
NTR 348: Cultural Aspects of Food (SB & C & G) (3)
NTR 350: Nutrition Counseling (3)
NTR 351: Nutrition Communication (L) (3)
NTR 353: Perspectives on the Western Diet: Food, Health and Sustainability (3)
NTR 448: Community Nutrition (L) (3)
NTR 453: Nutrition and the Media (3)
NTR 457: Sports Nutrition (3)

Prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this minor.