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Summer Programs

Summer programs at ASU’s College of Health Solutions provide engaging and fun health-oriented learning opportunities and supportive therapies for children and teens. With our summer programs, we aim to improve the health of our communities by teaching young people how to be healthy and stay healthy.

Many of our programs help teens socialize and discover rewarding careers in health. Camps for younger children teach them about healthy behaviors and how to bring a love for health into their own lives. Other programs offer assistance with speech, hearing and language needs in a friendly and supportive way.

We know how important good health is — and that it begins with young people who want to be healthy and make a difference. Get started with our summer programs.

Summer programs during the COVID-19 pandemic

This summer, for the safety of all, we will continue to offer many of our programs in online formats. This allows us to bring our engaging and educational programming into your homes without the risks of spreading the coronavirus. Other programs that cannot function as well online have been postponed until they can be held safely in person.

In addition to our current online programs, we are offering a free summer series for K-8 students called Health Adventure Quest that includes demonstrations, presentations and guided at-home activities. Learn more.

Find the program that is right for you

Barrett Summer Scholars
An elective course for academically minded high school students introduces them to a variety of health care disciplines. This program will be offered online for summer 2021.

This interactive camp that offers fitness activities and healthy cooking lessons to kids in grades 4-6 has been postponed until next summer due to COVID-19.

Future Health Leaders
SEAHEC’s program, hosted by the College of Health Solutions, helps southeast Arizona high school students explore options for pursuing a health profession. This program will be offered online for summer 2021.

Health Adventure Quest
Created for K-8 kids and teens to safely participate in a fun, educational experience during the pandemic, enjoy cooking demonstrations, physical activities and gardening presentations in this 100% online camp.

Speech and Hearing
Summer camps and programs with a focus on support for speech, language and hearing issues. Programs offered deal with chronic aphasia, hearing loss, social communication issues, language development, and language and reading impairment. APPS will be offered online for summer 2021.

Summer Health Institute
A valuable experience for rising 12th graders in which participants learn from professionals and experts about health care and a wide array of health careers. This program will be offered online for summer 2021.

Health Pioneers
High school students from eighth to 11th grade explore pressing global health challenges and learn how to make a difference in the health of their communities through action. Health Pioneers has been postponed to next summer due to COVID-19.

The SPRINT track in ASU’s INSPIRE program gives American Indian teens a no-cost opportunity to learn more about health and tackle health issues in their own communities. This program will be offered online for summer 2021.