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Metabolic Health Translational Team Projects

Current projects

Promoting cardiovascular health among American Indian youth

This pilot project will generate new data regarding the presence and extent of atherosclerosis among American Indian youth and their parents.

Time-restricted eating in Alzheimer's disease: The TREAD trial

This project investigates whether time-restricted eating can enhance cognitive performance and affect biological markers in adults experiencing mild cognitive impairment (reduced function).

Smart watch study

In this study, we are testing the accuracy of the Healbe GoBe3 smartwatch in detecting eating episodes throughout the day. This is important because objective data (not self-reported) on fasting and feeding, is needed for use in clinical trials on time-restricted eating.

Past projects


Student involvement

Students can engage in learning about metabolic health, collaborating as team members, and participating in clinical and translational research and outreach. They will witness and contribute to an interdisciplinary team addressing a crucial biomedical issue — metabolic health — from various perspectives and disciplines.

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Community partners

We are seeking community partners.

  • Barrow Neurological Institute
  • Mayo Clinic