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Infectious Disease Prevention and Public Response Projects

Current projects

Understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on opioid use disorder treatment: From organizational-level response to patient experiences

Multidisciplinary root cause analysis of heat-related deaths in Phoenix, Arizona

Past projects

COVID-19: Lessons from the disaster that can improve health professions education

What the COVID-19 pandemic can teach health professionals about continuing professional development

High-throughput sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater provides insights into circulating variants

Responding to COVID with technology and patient-reported data for rapid, out-of-office triage and real-time clinical decision support

Mindfulness takes practice: Optimizing mHealth tools for building persistent mindfulness meditation habits

Food security and food access in Arizona: What has changed since the coronavirus outbreak?

Student involvement

Our partnerships with ASU faculty and community partners allow prospective student researchers access to the heart of Arizona community health.

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Community partners

The IDPPR Translational Team is proud to be working with several on various projects. From health systems such as Valleywise Health to academic centers such as Creighton University, our team works with community members across the Valley.

  • Dignity Health
  • Valleywise Health Golden
  • Gate Community Center
  • Community Medical Services
  • University of Arizona
  • Creighton University Health Sciences Campus — Phoenix School of Medicine