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Child Language and Literacy Projects

Current projects

Clone of Longitudinal Aging – Behavior and Physiology

We are a team of early childhood professionals from Arizona State University, agencies and organizations around Arizona dedicated to improving the outcomes of children in our state. We coordinate with existing early childhood professional development systems in Arizona to address community-specific training needs. We provide professional development to early childhood providers through Project ECHO.

Learn more about the Arizona Early Childhood Professional Development ECHO model and about Project ECHO at ASU.

  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices ECHO Series 3, 4 and 5.
  • Enhancing Early Learning Environments to Successfully Include Young Children with Disabilities ECHO.
  • Institutes for Higher Education Preservice Faculty ECHO.
  • Early Childhood Math Literacy ECHO.

Past projects

Past ECHOs


Between 2020 and 2022, the collaborative sponsored the following ECHOs for all early care and education professionals, faculty, staff and students from institutes of higher education, and families across the state of Arizona

  • Business Practices for Child Care Programs During COVID ECHO
  • Strengthening Business Practices for Child Care Programs ECHO
  • Early Literacy and Language ECHO — Conversations to Build Language
  • Supporting the Emotional Well Being of Teachers and Children ECHO
  • Promoting Equity in Early Childhood Settings ECHO
  • Early Literacy and Language — Phonological Awareness ECHO
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices ECHO (two series completed)
  • Higher Education Pre-Service Faculty Coordination ECHO
  • Literacy Rich Centers and Classroom Environments

Student involvement

Students volunteer through the CHILL lab, as well as enroll in CHS 484, to participate in the coordination of ECHO programs. They can assist in the ECHO sessions, providing IT support to participants not familiar with Zoom, facilitating small group discussions and taking attendance. Students also participate in research with data entry tasks and recruitment.

In the past, speech and hearing students have reported they learned a great deal about the topics covered in the ECHO sessions as well as the challenges faced by early care and education providers that they would not have otherwise been exposed to. The experience gave them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the expectations and complexities of working with very young children and their families.

Interested students should contact one of the coordinators listed above.

Community partners

Our community partners are representatives from state agencies and organizations in Arizona dedicated to improving the outcomes of children in our state.

  • Department of Economic Security, Division of Child Care and the Arizona Early Intervention Program
  • Arizona Department of Education, Early Childhood Special Education
  • First Things First
  • Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Tucson Regional Education Collaborative
  • United Way Tucson and Southern Arizona
  • Raising Special Kids
  • F.A.C.E.S of AZ