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Research laboratories

Research conducted by the renowned faculty in the College of Health Solutions focuses on addressing society's most pressing problems related to health and health care. Studies look at the effectiveness of interventions — including medications, devices, behavior modifications, diagnostic products and treatment regimens — for prevention, treatment and diagnosis that improve quality of life. Our numerous research laboratories provide faculty with opportunities to advance research in their particular areas of focus. Ultimately all of our research is focused on improving health outcomes.


Our laboratories include:

  • Active Kids, Active Schools
  • Athlete Field Lab
  • Attention, Memory and Language Lab
  • Auditory Implants Lab
  • Autism and Brain Aging Lab
  • Biomedical Knowledge Management Lab
  • Biostatistics and Precision Diagnostic Lab
  • Child Language and Literacy Lab
  • Community-Based Research on Drug Use
  • Comparative Physiology Lab
  • Computational Medicine Lab
  • Embedded Machine Intelligence
  • Gait and Balance Dysfunction Lab
  • Human Performance Lab
  • Hydration Science Lab
  • Imaging Informatics Research Lab
  • The Laboratory of Auditory Computation and Neurophysiology
  • Laboratory for Community Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Health
  • Nano-Nutrition Lab
  • Patient Technology Engagement
  • Radical Simplicity Lab
  • Scotch Lab
  • Sensorimotor Development Research Lab
  • Speech and Brain Research Lab
  • Translational Bioinformatics Lab
  • Whisner Lab
  • ZooPhy Lab