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The mission of the doctoral program in exercise and nutritional sciences is to foster research which will promote healthy lifestyles intended to reduce the physical, social and economic costs of unhealthy living. While many healthy lifestyles are studied, the emphasis is on physically active living and sound nutrition.

Students are challenged to integrate disciplinary information from the exercise and nutrition sciences in combination with health promotion research. Thus the doctoral program in exercise and nutritional sciences is uniquely designed to train scholars to conduct high impact, transdisciplinary health promotion research that explores issues that contribute to health through chronic disease risk reduction, quality of life promotion and enhancement of well-being.

Program graduates are prepared for research careers. The majority (70 percent) have procured postdoctoral research fellowships, research faculty positions in research-intensive universities, or have obtained research positions in the nonprofit industry, government or in for-profit private sector research institutes. About 30 percent of graduates secure clinical or teaching-intensive positions upon graduation.

The program requires full-time residency and typically is completed within four years of full-time study after the master's degree. Students work with an approved mentor from the beginning to the end of the doctoral program. A mentor is selected by mutual agreement between student and mentor based on mutually compatible research interests and funding availability.

Students are actively engaged in research at every stage of the program through participation in research internships, independent research experiences, research seminars and colloquia, and dissertation research.

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Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, PhD ( PHD)
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