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The MS in biomedical informatics is offered by the College of Health Solutions. Professionals in the field use biomedical data, information and knowledge to improve human health. Students learn problem-solving, theory and methodologies underlying the field of biomedical informatics. Students in the master's program take courses in areas such as knowledge representation, clinical environments, imaging, bioinformatics and data science. Core courses provide a background in clinical informatics, while electives allow specialization in focus areas such as data science or mobile health.

BMI fosters collaborations among academic researchers, clinical practitioners and regional health care providers to apply new developments in informatics theory to clinical practice. Biomedical informatics has a key role to play in the transformation to more effective and efficient health care through the use of knowledge and information technology.

The program educates students in the informatics knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

  • detect disease early
  • improve the patient hospital experience
  • improve the precision of diagnosis
  • improve the quality of patient health care and reduce its cost
  • minimize hospital visits

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Biomedical Informatics, MS ( MS)
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