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Understanding ASHA certification

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For any student graduating in 2020 and later, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is no longer requiring a set number of clinical hours. Instead, students are required to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills that form the basis of quality audiology practice.

ASHA requirements

Previously, a fourth-year externship was a necessity for audiology students in order to earn the 1,820 supervised clinical hours required by ASHA to obtain a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A). Recent changes at ASHA have allowed the College of Health Solutions to offer an AuD degree that maintains academic rigor and clinical training, while allowing you to graduate in three years, instead of the traditional four years. To learn more about the changes in certification, visit the ASHA website.

The College of Health Solutions had the foresight to address concerns regarding cost and training hours prior to these changes from ASHA. In 2017, the number of clinic hours required to graduate from our accredited audiology program was changed to 850. The change means that students can graduate at the completion of the third year. Following this effort to lower costs for students while maintaining rigor, students can choose to apply for a fourth-year externship, as in the traditional model, if they wish to pursue additional expertise in audiology before seeking employment. However, a fourth-year externship is no longer required by ASHA in order to gain CCC-A certification.

In addition, it is important for students to note that only state licensure is required to practice in many states and clinical settings. The AuD program at ASU fully supports pursuit of the ASHA CCC-A credential, but ASHA CCC-A may not be required for gainful employment post-graduation, depending on location.

Applying for ASHA certification

In order to apply for ASHA certification, all 850 hours of your program need to be supervised by ASHA-certified clinical instructors. If you have met that requirement, you may apply for certification immediately after graduating from the three-year program.

If not all of your hours were under ASHA-certified audiologists and you need CCC-A certification after graduation, ASHA now allows students to make up the hours post-graduation while employed under or with an ASHA-certified audiologist who has completed at least two hours of professional development in clinical instruction and supervision. This employment must meet Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) duration standards and sufficiently demonstrate the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed for ASHA Standards. The post-graduation certification process must occur within 24 months of graduation and your hours and application must be completed within 48 months. To learn more, visit the ASHA website.

With responses to the changes in ASHA certification, our AuD program offers beneficial cost savings and the same thorough education with flexible program options for graduation after three or four years.