Internships || SHS 484 - Internship - SLPA

This course is your required clinical internship as part of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Certificate Program at ASU. The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) recommends, and the AZ Department of Health Services requires, fieldwork experiences for learning the job responsibilities and workplace behaviors of the SLPA. These internship experiences are completed in schools and clinic settings to fulfill the 100 hours of clinical interaction required for licensure as an SLPA. The clinical practical training is arranged by the ASU SLPA Program Coordinator and is completed under the supervision of a certified, licensed SLP as required by the Arizona Department of Health Services and ASHA.

This capstone course and internship experience is designed to provide you with work experiences comparable to entry-level employment as a professional in a speech-language-hearing sciences career field at a CHS approved site, under the supervision of Internship Site Supervisor and Course Instructor.

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