Citizen Science & Research || CHS 484 - Citizen Science In Health

Hone your science, research, and advocacy skills, through a hands-on citizen science project that aims to improve the health of your community. In this experience, you will create a health profile of their community, conduct 3 - 5 weeks of observations and data collection within their downtown area, obtain a 2-year CITI Certification, and advocate for change. This course will require observations of specific areas within your communities and is a great way to make an impact and shorten the distance between science and discovery.

Health features observed will be focused around:

  • Community features that support/promote physical activity
  • Sun and Heat Exposure
  • Pedestrian Safety and risk
  • Healthy/non-healthy food environments
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use/ misuse
  • Community features that support/promote physical activity

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