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In addition, the tuition estimator, referenced in the link above, allows you to learn about tuition and program fees associated with the program you are interested in.

To navigate the tuition calculator for the MS Genetic Counseling Program, you can follow the below prompts for an estimate of tuition and fees: 

  • Academic year: Enter upcoming academic year
  • Residency status: Arizona resident or Nonresident or International
  • Student status: Graduate
  • Location: Downtown Phoenix
  • College: Health Solutions, College of
  • Academic program: Genetic Counseling, M.S.

After entering this information, hit calculate. After receiving your estimated tuition, change the credit hours to 12 and the estimated tuition and fees will appear for the calendar year you selected. 

Prerequisite courses required for enrollment

  • Two semesters of undergraduate biology
  • One semester of undergraduate chemistry
  • One semester of undergraduate biochemistry
  • One semester of undergraduate genetics
  • One semester of undergraduate statistics

At least two semesters from any of the following undergraduate courses:

  • Psychology, sociology and/or public health

Certification and licensure

The College of Health Solutions prepares graduates for excellence upon entering the workplace. Since certification and licensure requirements vary by profession and from state-to-state, we recommend that you visit the ASU licensure website to determine if your program meets the requirements of individual state licensures or national certifications, as applicable. If you have specific questions, please contact your program director.

Accreditation and GC Admissions Match

“Accredited, New Program” status by ACGC.

ASU's genetic counseling program is registered with the GC Admissions Match with National Matching Services, Inc. Code: 15710

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