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Population Health Faculty and Research

The College of Health Solutions aims to discover approaches to maintaining and improving the health of entire populations and reducing inequalities in health between groups of people.  We use a multidisciplinary approach blending the disciplines of public health/health promotion, biomedical informatics, health economics, nutrition, exercise science, and health care delivery to achieve new discoveries. We also employ a multi-level strategy with studies focused on individuals, social networks, communities, institutions, policies, systems, and environments to better understand the determinants of health.

A few examples of our work include:

  • Development of gender-specific and culturally-tailored healthy lifestyle interventions for racial/ethnic minority men
  • Examination of the strength and shape of relationships between environmental characteristics and physical activity, dietary patterns, and obesity
  • Applying patient-centered and systems engineering approaches to improve access to care for those in greatest need (poor, uninsured or underinsured)
  • Exploring behavioral economics and incentive structures to transform health care delivery and disease management
  • Nutritional strategies to enhance cardiometabolic health and the prevention and management of chronic disease
Deborah Helitzer (Dean)
Dean & Professor

Helitzer's research has focused on health outcome improvements through interventions in communities and in clinical settings.

Bradley Doebbeling

Physician thought leader in improving health care delivery, implementation science, systems redesign and biomedical informatics. His research focuses on high impact interventions and applications to improve care delivery.

Scott Leischow
Executive Director (FSC) & Professor

Dr. Leischow's research is clinical and translational, with a focus on pharmacologic and behavioral treatments for tobacco dependence, tobacco regulatory science, and systems and network approaches to population health.

Punam Ohri-Vachaspati

Ohri-Vachaspati is a professor of nutrition and leads the ASU Food Environment and Policy research group. Her research examines social and ecological determinants of health, specifically in low-income minority communities.

William Riley

Riley is a leading authority in health care finance. He is also a national and international expert in quality improvement methods, techniques, and implementation.

Dongwen Wang

Wang's research focuses on modeling and representation of biomedical knowledge in computer-interpretable format and delivery of technology-mediated behavioral interventions in health care processes and patient outcome

Marc Adams
Assoc Professor

Dr. Adams is a behavioral scientist and epidemiologist with a background in psychology, behavioral sciences and public health.

Cady Berkel
Assoc Professor

Berkel studies health disparities and the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based programs

Meg Bruening
Director & Assoc Professor

Meg Bruening's research interests include public health nutrition promotion and obesity prevention targeted to underserved, vulnerable youth and families.

Matthew Buman
Director (FSC) & Professor
Cheryl Der Ananian
Assoc Professor

Der Ananian's research interests involve the promotion of physical activity for older adults with emphasis on utilizing physical activity as a secondary prevention strategy for chronic illnesses.

Chong Lee
Assoc Professor

Lee's research focuses on cardiovascular disease and chronic disease epidemiology and health informatics.

Mac McCullough
Assoc Professor

McCullough's research involves quantifying investments in public health and social services and assessing how these investments are put to use in order to improve population health.

Natasha Tasevska
Assoc Professor

Dr. Tasevska is a nutrition scientist and nutritional epidemiologist. She joined ASU in 2013.

Alexis Koskan
Assistant Professor, Public Health

Koskan is a public health and health communication researcher by training. The goals of her research are to prevent and control cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV).

Research Scholar (FSC)
Kathleen Dixon
Clinical Professor, MY

Kathy Dixon is a clinical professor. She teaches courses in food science and nutrition. Her research interests include food service in healthcare and institutional settings, and pediatric diet therapy.

Sue Dahl Popolizio
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Dahl-Popolizio has more than 20 years of experience as an occupational therapist (OT). Her research foci: OT in population health management, and on the integrated interprofessional primary care team.

Simon Holzapfel
Clinical Assoc Professor
Lesley Manson
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Manson's specialty is within the area of building fiscally sustainable integrated health care with identifiable return on investment and cost savings.

Swapna Reddy
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Reddy’s primary research interests are how law and policy can be utilized as tools to improve population health outcomes, reduce health disparities and inequities.

Jeffrey Wolz
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)
Sarah Martinelli
Clinical Asst Professor
Deborah Williams
Assoc Director + Clinical Asst Professor (FSC)

Williams is the past associate director of the Mayo Clinic/ASU Obesity Solutions initiative.

Shawn Hrncir
Principal Lecturer
Ann Sebren
Principal Lecturer MY

Sebren's teaching and scholarly interests are focused on the efficacy of mindfulness for reduced stress, improved health and health behavior change.

Karen Gregory-Mercado
Lecturer Sr

Dr. Gregory-Mercado has 20+ years of experience in health education planning, implementation, promotion and evaluation, qualitative and quantitative data collection design, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination.

Jordan Miller
Lecturer Sr.

Dr. Miller's research interests include experiential learning in post-secondary education and community development through urban agriculture.

Lauren Savaglio
Lecturer Sr

Dr. Savaglio Battles teaches public health, health education, and health sciences classes in the College of Health Solutions.

Lisa Smith
Lecturer Sr

Smith's research interests include mindfulness, bariatric surgery, substance abuse, meditation and obesity.

Devi Davis-Strong
Holly Aguila

Aguila is an Exercise and Wellness instructor with an interest in health coaching, worksite wellness, and the Hispanic community.

Barbara Ainsworth
Regents Professor Emerita

Ainsworth is a Regents Professor Emerita with expertise in physical activity assessment. She is the lead author for the Adult Compendium of Physical Activity.

Jennifer Huberty
Adjunct Faculty

Huberty's research interests include using digital interventions to improve mental and physical health in women and blood cancer patients.

Natalia Wilson
Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Wilson's research area is unique device identification (UDI) implementation in hospital systems and UDI use.