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Kinesiology, Sports and Exercise Science Faculty and Research

Low levels of physical activity are predictive of poor health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity, but many people do not get the recommended amount of physical activity. At the College of Health Solutions, our faculty address some of the 21st century's biggest public health problems through their research. Research topics include physical activity assessment, fall prevention in older adults, how technology can promote physical activity, the effects of exercise on insomnia, and the role of exercise related to weight and obesity. Our faculty are invested in research to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the physical, social and economic costs of unhealthy living, with an emphasis on physical activity to improve health.

Glenn Gaesser

Gaesser’s research focuses on the effects of exercise and diet on cardiovascular fitness and health and his work has been published in scientific journals, trade publications, newsletters and Internet sites.

Marc Adams
Assoc Professor

I am a behavioral epidemiologist and scientist with a background in psychology and public health. My background lead me to designing interventions to health behavior change.

Matthew Buman
Dir & Assoc Professor
Cheryl Der Ananian
Assoc Professor

Der Ananian's research interests involve the promotion of physical activity for older adults with emphasis on utilizing physical activity as a secondary prevention strategy for chronic illnesses.

Chong Lee
Assoc Professor

Lee's research focuses on cardiovascular disease and chronic disease epidemiology and health informatics.

Shannon Ringenbach
Assoc Professor

Ringenbach heads the Sensorimotor Development Research Lab, which is currently investigating Assisted Cycle Therapy (ACT) and its effects on motor, cognitive, physical and mental health.

Pamela Swan
Assoc Professor

Swan has been at ASU for 27 years. She is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and a fellow of the The Obesity Society. She studies the physiological effects of exercise on obesity and chronic disease.

Edward Ofori
Asst Professor

Ofori is interested in using multimodal neuroimaging techniques to discover early diagnostic and progression markers for subtypes of dementia, parkinsonism, and neuropathies.

Daniel Peterson
Asst Professor

Dr. Peterson focuses on understanding the interaction between balance, falls, and cognition in neurological groups such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis

Donna Cataldo
Clinical Professor, MY

Cataldo is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Certified Health and Fitness Specialist.

Simon Holzapfel
Clinical Asst Professor
Cara Sidman
Clinical Asst Professor

Sidman focuses on teaching mindsets and skills related to health, wellbeing, professional skills, and lifelong wellbeing in the online format.

Tannah Broman
Principal Lecturer MY

Broman is an Academic Program Lead in the College of Health Solutions and Principal Lecturer in Kinesiology.

Kristin Hoffner
Principal Lecturer MY

As members of the kinesiology program, Hoffner and her colleagues take pride in developing challenging, relevant courses that utilize many different evidence-based pedagogical styles and methods.

Ann Sebren
Principal Lecturer MY

Sebren's teaching and scholarly interests are focused on the efficacy of mindfulness for reduced stress, improved health and health behavior change.

Joseph Marsit
Lecturer Sr

Marsit is a senior lecturer in the College of Health Solutions at ASU.

Devi Davis-Strong
Lisa Smith

Smith's research interests include mindfulness, bariatric surgery, substance abuse, meditation and obesity.

Holly Aguila

Aguila is an Exercise and Wellness instructor with an interest in health coaching, worksite wellness, and the Hispanic community.

Barbara Ainsworth
Regents Professor Emerita

Ainsworth is a Regents Professor Emerita with expertise in physical activity assessment. She is the lead author for the Adult Compendium of Physical Activity.

Steven Hooker
Adjunct Faculty

Steven P. Hooker's research interests are in the areas of physical activity and primary and disease prevention, physical activity and aging, and population-based interventions to promote physical activity.