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Health Care Delivery Faculty and Research

Our faculty is committed to research that has a positive impact on health outcomes. Using a multidisciplinary approach that emphasizes collaboration and coordination with community partners, faculty in health care delivery support student exploration and advance health in our communities. Faculty examine how to tackle health and health care challenges, explore evidence-based practices and interventions, and investigate how to optimize health and health care delivery. Current research topics include improving service quality in health care, hospice and palliative care, health disparities, health economics and policy, and evidence-based approaches to behavior change and improved health outcomes, among many others.

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Bradley Doebbeling

Physician thought leader in improving health care delivery, implementation science, systems redesign and biomedical informatics. His research focuses on high impact interventions and applications to improve care delivery.

William Riley

Riley is a leading authority in health care finance. He is also a national and international expert in quality improvement methods, techniques, and implementation.

David Sklar
Senior Advisor & Professor

Dr. Sklar does research in health services and health professions education. He is senior advisor to the university provost in health policy and health professions education.

Dongwen Wang

Wang's research focuses on modeling and representation of biomedical knowledge in computer-interpretable format and delivery of technology-mediated behavioral interventions in health care processes and patient outcome

Cady Berkel
Assoc Professor

Berkel studies health disparities and the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based programs

Ellen Green
Assoc Professor

The goal of Green's research is to improve the quality of public policymaking such that it has a direct and positive impact on the health of our population.

Mac McCullough
Assoc Professor

McCullough's research involves quantifying investments in public health and social services and assessing how these investments are put to use in order to improve population health.

Alexis Koskan
Assistant Professor, Public Health

Koskan is a public health and health communication researcher by training. The goals of her research are to prevent and control cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV).

Kathleen Pine
Asst Professor

Pine's work (both research and teaching) lies at the nexus of human centered computing and organization science and focuses on the implications of IT implementation and datafication of health and health care.

Chad Stecher
Asst Professor

Stecher's research is in behavioral health economics and focuses on topics ranging from identifying the determinants of physicians' treatment choice to designing interventions to promote healthier daily habits.

Colleen Cordes
Assoc Dean + Clinical Professor (FSC)

Clemency Cordes' research interests focus on primary care behavioral health and workforce development for integrated primary care.

Jack Gilbert
Clinical Professor (FSC)

Gilbert is a clinical professor and Senior Lincoln Fellow in Applied Ethics. He is also an adjunct faculty member with the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine.

Ronald O'Donnell
Clinical Professor (FSC)

O’Donnell is working on the development of international education programs and new integrated health care degree for the College of Health Solutions.

Kristen Will
Assistant Dean + Clin Assoc Professor
Sue Dahl Popolizio
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Dahl-Popolizio has more than 20 years of experience as an occupational therapist (OT). Her research foci: OT in population health management, and on the integrated interprofessional primary care team.

CR Macchi
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Macchi is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Integrated Behavioral Health programs and Associate Chair of Internship Programs.

Lesley Manson
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Manson's specialty is within the area of building fiscally sustainable integrated health care with identifiable return on investment and cost savings.

Swapna Reddy
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Reddy’s primary research interests are how law and policy can be utilized as tools to improve population health outcomes, reduce health disparities and inequities.

Denise Kennedy
Clinical Asst Professor

Kennedy has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry and has been recognized nationally and internationally for her work to improve health care service quality and the patient experience.

Matthew Martin
Clinical Asst Professor

Behavioral medicine scientist and educator

Tina Sauber
Clinical Asst Professor (FSC)
Ann Sebren
Principal Lecturer MY

Sebren's teaching and scholarly interests are focused on the efficacy of mindfulness for reduced stress, improved health and health behavior change.

Teresa Hart
Lecturer Sr.

Hart teaches undergraduate courses in Nutrition and Health Care Delivery, and graduate courses in the online Masters of Dietetics program.

Lauren Savaglio
Lecturer Sr

Dr. Savaglio Battles teaches public health, health education, and health sciences classes in the College of Health Solutions.

Janice Connell

Connell's passion is helping students launch their healthcare careers and helping people learn how to implement a healthy lifestyle to prevent, delay or minimize chronic disease during their lifetime.

Rachael Don
Lecturer (FSC)

Rachael Don teaches the Science of Healthcare Delivery. Additionally, she is the Degree Director for the Health Sciences program as well as the program's Faculty Honors Advisor for Barrett Honors College students.

Marjon Forouzeshyekta

Forouzeshyekta is a medical studies lecturer and received her doctorate from the Texas Chiropractic College.

Elizabeth Kizer
Gregory Mayer
Professor of Practice (FSC)

Mayer's research interests include hospice and palliative care and chronic disease management.

Leslie Rowans

Rowans has more than 27-years experience in the healthcare industry.

Christina Scribner

Scribner is an instructor and recognized as an international leader in nutrition therapy related to disordered eating and eating disorders.

Jeffrey Kingsbury
Lecturer Sr

Dr. Kingsbury is the director of the STEM Teaching Global Intensive Experience in Costa Rica, and is the faculty advisor for the student organization, the Arizona Global Health Project.

Professor of Practice
Jennifer Huberty
Adjunct Faculty

Huberty's research interests include using digital interventions to improve mental and physical health in women and blood cancer patients.

Natalia Wilson
Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Wilson's research area is unique device identification (UDI) implementation in hospital systems and UDI use.