Continuing and Professional Education

“The way health care is organized, delivered, and financed is undergoing major changes and, in a lot of ways, we do not know exactly how it is going to end up. So, a partnership between ASU, who is really thinking about the science of health care delivery, and Dignity Health, a large health care system, is very important to figuring out – together – how best to reengineer health care; so it is both sustainable and the workforce is prepared for the future.”

Keith Frey, M.D.
President, Dignity Health Arizona
Chief Physician Executive 

Custom Solutions

Our custom programs are designed for organizational development to address the identified needs and translate them into organizational results. Custom programs are a unique organizational experience that helps transform all levels of leadership from executives to front-line medical and administrative staff. 

Transform Your Health Care Team. Transform Your Organization.

We work closely with organizations to determine the level of development and experience they want to create for their clinical and administrative teams. These learning experiences help physicians and staff develop a shared vision and vocabulary to begin to tackle complex issues. By bringing groups together, it allows organizations to build leaders who have the strategic skills and vision to achieve alignment and synergy, and sets the stage for improving performance across the organization. 

Our Partnership Approach

Our approach is collaborative, flexible, and balances the level of depth and detail with time/cost effectiveness based on our client’s requirements. As a partner, organizations can expect to be placed in the center, to be respected as an organization, and to be a thought partner with the College of Health Solutions to create impact together.


Custom solutions process