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At ASU’s College of Health Solutions, our approach to continuing education is simple. We’ve built a collaborative team of experienced clinicians, health care educators, and academic researchers to offer our clients the most current information and innovations in health care delivery and population health management. Members of our world-renowned faculty are thought leaders who help shape industry best practices and provide our executive partners with the knowledge and tools for success in today’s value-based healthcare environment. Our educational programs are accessible, flexible, learner-centered and on the cutting-edge of research and content.

Areas of Expertise

Health Solutions Continuing Professional Education draws from various areas of key content where professionals learn how to achieve better results in a complex and rapidly changing health care environment. These programmatic focus areas include health care delivery, nutrition, exercise science, biomedical informatics, speech and hearing science, population health and leadership innovation.

Programs for Individuals

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Professional Certificates

Complete 3 online courses and earn a professional certificate to improve your chances of advancement in the workplace.

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Online Courses

We offer many online courses, covering a variety of topics, such as health care leadership, process engineering, and health informatics, to help you achieve your career goals.

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Immersion Programs

Acquire a new skill set or enhance an existing one with a workshop designed by health care professionals for health care professionals. Open registration provides opportunities to network and learn best practices from other professionals around the country.

Programs for Organizations

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions to organizations that want to develop their workforce. We help client partners assess their specific programming needs and design custom learning experiences to help them reach their goals. Learning experiences are designed for participants to apply key concepts and ideas directly to their current positions, benefitting their organizations.

Consultative Services

We work directly with management in providing expert advice and insights in the following areas: integrated behavioral health, workflow design for health care, population health management, patient experience, data analytics and biomedical diagnostics.

Educator Network

Our courses and programs are taught by faculty and academic thought leaders whose expertise and research create the enduring concepts that shape best practices in health care. Through their vast involvements, our faculty draw upon real-world experiences to help individuals develop critical thinking and decision-making skills that can be applied back in their respective organizations.

Faculty Spotlight