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A one-stop, reliable source for comprehensive information about COVID-19 tests worldwide. Search all tests in the market and in the pipeline by multiple parameters including test type, technology, regulatory status, country of origin and more. The Testing Commons is updated regularly.

COVID-19 Diagnostics Commons Final Report

Read our COVID Commons final report where we summarize the completed initiatives and numerous accomplishments achieved from July 2020 to December 2021.

View final report

2021 Year in Review

Read our 2021 Year in Review where we analyze COVID-19 tests on the market and in the pipeline.

2021 Year in Review

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What does the future look like for COVID-19 and how should businesses prepare?

If omicron has taught us anything, it's that this pandemic is unpredictable. The waters have calmed for now, but as a society, we need to learn from what we've been through and put health and wellness measures in place to protect us from another surge.

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