Course overrides

Students who are unable to register for a course and need to request an override should click the button below to submit an override request. Only courses offered by the College of Health Solutions may be requested using this form. Other overrides should be requested of the college or school offering the course.

Course overrides are not guaranteed, and requests will be processed in the order that they are received. Students who need a class to graduate in the requested term will be given priority.

Override request form

The following overrides are available:

Reserved course overrides — For use when seats are reserved for specific campus-based majors.

  • Students must meet the criteria set for reserved courses, with no exceptions.
  • Overrides are not given for seats that are reserved for campus-based majors.

Section full overrides — For use when all sections of a class are full.

  • Will be accepted for review no earlier than 30 days prior to the start of each session.
  • Will not be considered if the classroom has reached maximum fire code occupancy.

Prerequisite course overrides — For use when you do not meet prerequisites or took the prerequisite(s) at another institution.

  • Will be considered when there are specific extenuating circumstances.
  • Some requests may require a College of Health Solutions standards petition.

Time conflict overrides — For use when two classes you wish to enroll in have an overlap in time offered.

  • Permission from both faculty is required to process this request. The faculty need to concur on which class will be either left early or joined late for you to register in the classes.

Department consent overrides — For use when the course is restricted for enrollment by the department.

  • Some classes require the approval of the department or faculty to enroll (for example, research or honors thesis).
  • Courses that have students on a wait list may have department consent added to that class. The students who are on the wait list have priority and will be contacted when a seat is available. Note, graduating seniors and students who need the class to remain on-track for major requirements will be given priority.