Student Support Specialist

Student support specialists are dedicated to the success and well being of students in the College of Health Solutions from day one through graduation.

The services that they provide students include but are not limited to:

  • Connecting them with the appropriate university resources.
  • Coaching on how to connect and meet with professors.
  • Working with Financial Aid and Scholarship Services to understand financial aid packages.
  • Guiding students through the Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Process.
  • Navigate campus and the university.
  • Outreach to non-responsive students.
  • Troubleshooting barriers to enrollment.
  • Working with students to navigate the various challenges that might impact their academic success and overall well being.



    Kevin Morris

    Kevin Morris
    Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Retention
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    Audrey Ruiz

    Audrey Ruiz
    Student Support Specialist
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