There are many scholarships made available by private donations. The dollar value of each scholarship varies, as do the requirements for each scholarship, which are based on the criteria established by the donor of the scholarship. They may be awarded based on merit, financial need and/or specific academic criteria.

Unlike loans, awards and scholarships do not have to be repaid.

Donations help students reach their goals and make a difference in the health of our communities. Contributions to College of Health Solutions scholarships and fellowships are always appreciated.

The Brandon Caserta Memorial Scholarship

Brandon Caserta was an athlete who was in karate, swimming, and football since he was 4 years old. He joined the US Navy to become a Navy SEAL. While in Basic Underwater Demolition SEALS (BUDS), he broke his leg in two places and the instructor rang the famous bell which is against Navy policy instead of taking him to medical. This put Brandon on another path in the Navy. Brandon was sexually assaulted, bullied, hazed, retaliated against, and was called a BUDS DUD meaning he failed out of the SEAL program. After two years of asking for mental health help and being denied, Brandon die by suicide. Brandon had just turned 21, one month to the day before his death. 

The Brandon Caserta Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Brandon Caserta by his parents, Patrick and Teri Caserta. On December 27, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the Brandon Act into law which protects service members from retaliation when they need to seek mental health services. Brandon has always helped people whether it was giving money to students who didn’t bring lunch to school or giving his leftovers from a restaurant to someone in need or talking others in his Navy command out of dying by suicide. This scholarship will continue his legacy of helping others and will support ASU’s College of Health Solutions students. The hope is that the student will carry on Brandon’s legacy through their support and love for others.

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Denise Kennedy Endowed Scholarship

Denise dedicated her life to healthcare and helping others. She began at the bedside continuing as a clinical Respiratory Therapist; Mayo Clinic administration for 13 years; Assistant Professor Mayo Medical School; and 5 years Clinical Professor in ASU College of Health Solutions. She is grateful for this opportunity to give back and is confident each recipient will be grateful for the scholarship.

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Great River Learning/Cordell Culture and Care Scholarship

The Great River Learning/Cordell Culture and Care Scholarship used to provide scholarship support for two students per year who are currently working on their undergraduate degree within the College of Health Solutions (CHS).

The intent of this scholarship is to reduce barriers to entry into the health care profession, alongside promoting the need for cultural awareness, competency and humility of future healthcare practitioners.

This scholarship is intended for students with a GPA between 3.0 and 3.5.
Applicants need to have completed HSC 210 Cultural Aspects of Health or equivalent course.

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Exercise and Wellness Program Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by many donors who have an interest in supporting students in the exercise and wellness programs, including:

  • Clinical exercise science, BS
  • Sports science and performance programming, BS

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Charles B. Corbin and Robert P. Pangrazi Scholarship Endowment

The Corbin Pangrazi Scholarship is named in honor of Charles B. Corbin and Robert P. Pangrazi. Dr. Corbin and Dr. Pangrazi were professors of exercise science and physical education on ASU’s Tempe campus until Dr. Corbin moved to the Polytechnic campus in 2001. Dr. Corbin joined the ASU faculty in 1982, and Dr. Pangrazi joined the faculty in 1973.

Both professors have a strong commitment to helping students access higher education. They are excellent mentors and role models for undergraduate and graduate students in their fields of exercise, wellness and the teaching of physical education. This scholarship is meant to support undergraduate students in the following programs:

  • Clinical exercise science, BS
  • Health sciences (Healthy lifestyles and fitness science), BS
  • Kinesiology, BS
  • Sports science and performance programming, BS

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Kinesiology Program Scholarship

This scholarship supports kinesiology students.

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Douglas L. Conley Memorial Scholarship

Douglas L. Conley was an ASU undergraduate physical education major, a cross-country runner and coach, and ultimately an ASU doctoral student who received his PhD in 1979 under the direction of ASU Senior Vice President and Deputy Provost Gary Krahenbuhl. Doug’s research interests focused on distance running performance, particularly running economy. Unfortunately, Doug was killed in an automobile accident shortly after receiving his PhD. The Conley Scholarship was established in Doug’s name by his family in memory of his academic and coaching interests related to running. 

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Kathy Gibbons Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Kathy Gibbons Jackson completed her undergraduate degree at Northern Arizona University, and was an elite runner. Kathy held the world’s record for 1000 m and 10,000 m, and was a member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic Team. She received a MS degree with a specialization in exercise physiology in 1981, and moved to Boulder, Colorado to become a track coach at the University of Colorado. Kathy was killed tragically in January 1982 during a training run in Boulder. The Kathy Gibbons Jackson Memorial Scholarship was established in Kathy’s memory in 1982 by her husband, Mr. Raymond Jackson, and her mother, Ms. Marion Gibbons. This scholarship supports junior or senior undergraduate kinesiology students or graduate students studying clinical exercise physiology.

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Drs. Gregory K. and Anita P. Mayer Science of Health Care Delivery Scholarship

Drs. Gregory and Anita Mayer recognize the importance of equipping students with a fundamental understanding of multiple facets of health care delivery. Through this endowment, the Mayers' aim to provide a foundation of support for master's level students who find themselves, because of financial constraints, simultaneously balancing employment and coursework as they pursue a health leadership role. This scholarship is for master's level students who are employed while simultaneously pursuing their degree in the science of health care delivery.

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Dr. Robert A. Brooks Medical Laboratory Scholarship Fund

Dr. Robert A. Brooks is a former chief pathologist at St. Joseph's Hospital. Throughout his career he recognized the importance of the work of technicians in the medical laboratory. This is a health care profession that does not receive as much attention as many other health-related professions, yet their work is extremely critical. Dr. Brooks would like to provide scholarship support to encourage students interested in pursuing a career in medical laboratory science.

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Dr. Jane C. Hurley Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jane C. Hurley was an accomplished academic who completed her PhD in exercise and nutritional sciences at ASU under the mentorship of Dr. Marc Adams. Dr. Hurley's research interests centered around how built environments and neighborhood walkability relate to physical activity, with the aim of making walking and cycling safer, easier and more accessible for people of all ages. Her love of cycling to work, music, travel and soccer, coupled with her commitment to mentoring students, made her an inspiration to all who knew her. To honor Dr. Hurley's legacy and academic interests, her family has established the Dr. Jane C. Hurley Scholarship. This scholarship will benefit first and second-year doctoral students within the College of Health Solutions whose research focuses on environmental influences of physical activity and nutrition leading to improved health outcomes.

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Nutrition Program Scholarship

This scholarship supports undergraduate and graduate students majoring in nutrition.

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Susan N. Coleman Scholarship in Nutrition

Susan N. Coleman (Sue) was a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and a graduate of Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She lived the last half of her 83 years in Sedona, Arizona, where she was always a generous supporter of local causes. Her special interests involved protecting the environment, education, music and the arts, but she spread her philanthropy to many parts of the community that she had adopted as her home. During her life, Sue embraced the concept of giving back to the community and mankind and in her death encourages others to do the same. Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full-time in the nutrition program are invited to apply. Preference will be given to graduate-level students. Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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Linda A. Vaughan Scholarship

In her 36 years at Arizona State University, Linda Vaughan oversaw a lot of changes in the field of health and nutrition. She held a variety of positions, including the director of the former School of Nutrition and Health Promotion and has published more than 40 scientific peer-reviewed articles and one of the best-selling nutrition textbooks, procured more than $2.2 million in grant funding and has received or been nominated for seven teaching awards throughout her career.

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Carol Seaholm Tymkowych Memorial Scholarship
The Carol Seaholm Tymkowych Memorial Fellowship is awarded to an ASU graduate student who is studying speech-language pathology and entering their second year in the Master of Science in communication disorders program.

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Zilveti Family Fellowship in Honor of Halina J. Zilveti
Students studying communication disorders who are entering their second year of the program may apply for this scholarship.

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Marilyn Miller Quintana Moline Fellowship
Awarded to an incoming or continuing PhD or master's student, the Marilyn Miller Quintana Moline Fellowship is intended to recruit strong students into the field of communication disorders. Qualified applicants who have a disability are encouraged to apply.

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James Case Speech and Hearing Scholarship
This scholarship, honoring Dr. James Case, is awarded to available to full-time, regularly admitted students entering the Master of Science in communication disorders program.

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Sid P. Bacon Memorial Scholarship Endowment
The scholarship assists undergrad seniors enrolled in a speech and hearing science degree program who are involved in a research project. Please note that this scholarship is awarded in the spring semester.

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The Ronald E. Youngberg Scholarship
This scholarship is a permanent endowment for the master’s degree in communication disorders program at ASU’s College of Health Solutions.

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Applying to scholarships and deadlines

The process for applying for scholarships is an online process. Please visit the new ASU Scholarship Application Portal to search for and submit applications. You will be asked to enter your personal information and it is suggested that you enter your College of Health Solutions major in the ‘major’ search field to yield all results for scholarships for which you are eligible.

Students who complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be eligible for consideration for scholarships that require financial need.

Many of the scholarship application deadlines are February and March each year; however, it’s important that you review deadlines carefully as they do vary. Scholarship award recipients will be notified in May via ASU e-mail.

University and other scholarships

ASU offers a number of different scholarships through various programs, as well as offered through third parties. Please see university Financial Aid and Scholarships Services for more scholarships.

College of Health Solutions scholarships

The scholarships in each of the categories are comprised of endowed and/or annual gifts held at the ASU Foundation for a New American University. The dollar value of each scholarship varies, as do the requirements for each scholarship, which are based on the criteria established by the donor of the scholarship.

We offer scholarship workshops in the fall semester to prepare for the Mar. 1 deadline for most scholarships. These opportunities will be posted on the Student Activities Calendar.

General questions about our scholarships should be sent to