Are you interested in health entrepreneurship? Check out this opportunity!

April 23, 2023

Are you a diverse entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to take a leading role in developing a new venture? If so, this is your chance to join The Journey Venture Studio. They are looking for Founders-in-Residence to lead and build new venture opportunities within the healthcare space.

As a Founder-in-Residence at the Journey you will participate in our 6-month leadership development and venture validation program. You will be responsible for bringing an idea from concept to prototype - leveraging expertise, market research, customer interviews and The Journey’s resources to develop a sustainable and scalable business venture worthy of launch and pre-seed funding.

While going through the design thinking and venture building process you will also participate in a series of leadership workshops, speakers’ series, and mentor sessions designed to make you CEO-ready.

At The Journey, we understand that underrepresented individuals face unique challenges in the venture world. The culturally competent programming and curriculum are designed to address the systemic and mindset barriers that prevent women and minority founders from excelling in the venture world.

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