Cissy Longmore

A visit with Cissy Longmore

A visit to Cissy Longmore’s office makes you feel at home.

Her space is decorated with photos and homey touches and also strings of lights during certain times of the year. Longmore said she likes to be comfortable and “plant” herself.

The idea of planting herself seems appropriate for someone who has been with the university for 46 years.

“I’m obviously not one who jumps around,” Longmore said. “I got a job and I stayed with it as my position evolved over time. But what I found is I really developed a loyalty with that group of people.”

Longmore was with the department of Speech and Hearing before it became a part of the College of Health Solutions in 2012. That’s when she made the move to downtown Phoenix.

“My skillset was needed more centrally, than at the department level,” Longmore said.

Longmore’s skillset has been to provide excellent service to the college’s Human Resources department. One of the main reasons she has been so good at her job is a dedication to the people around her.

When asked what she likes most about working at CHS her response wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who know her.

“I would have to say it’s the people,” Longmore said. “My fellow team members, the staff I interact with and the faculty. I’ve been able to develop some really good friendships.”

Regarding how much longer she plans to work at the college, Longmore said she had a couple personal goals she was trying to reach.

“They’re getting kind of close,” Longmore said. “But I feel like if I’m still contributing and being a valuable component to the college I’ll stay as long as I’m able. There are some days I wake up and feel like, ‘I don’t know.’ But, for the most part, it’s get back into the routine and the swing of things and I’m OK with it. I’ll just see how far this ride is going to take me.”