College of Health Solutions Alumni

The College of Health Solutions is home to thousands of proud alumni across the country and around the world where they are leaders in their communities and professions. As agents for change, the college's alumni serve in fields such as health care, education, state and national government, corporate enterprise, and non-profits. Our alumni research and findings help to solve some of the world's most challenging problems.

Are you looking to get involved with the College of Health Solutions? The ASU Alumni Association (ASUAA) keeps alumni connected through volunteer opportunities and events to enhance professional and personal lives while having fun. Volunteering is a great way to give back to ASU and to help impact the lives of current students. Our alumni events are avenues to maintain relationships with former classmates, meet new friends and network with professionals. Staying connected with your college gives you the ability to make more connections with others in similar or complementary fields while also offering opportunities to pay it forward to future health leaders.

No matter your location or if you are a current student, recent graduate or established professional, the ASU Alumni Association is here to serve you. Let us know how we can partner together to make the ASU experience better for everyone.