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Science of Health Care Delivery

The increasing complexity of our health care system drove the creation of the first-of-its-kind science of health care delivery program at ASU’s College of Health Solutions. The science of health care delivery is the study and design of systems, processes, leadership and management to optimize health care delivery and health for all. By taking a systems thinking and team-based approach to innovations in care, we teach the next generation of health care professionals how to achieve better results at lower costs in a complex and rapidly changing environment.

We prepare current and future health care workers to systematically address the critical needs of the health care system. Through the interdisciplinary study of population health, patient-centered care, health economics, policy, data analytics and leadership, students gain the skills necessary to achieve value-based health care in pursuit of the Triple Aim: improving the patient experience, improving population health and reducing per-capita costs of health care.

Degree Programs

We currently offer degrees in the fields of health care delivery science and medical studies at the undergraduate, graduate and executive education levels. All programs are designed to meet the needs of students from various backgrounds and experience levels including entry-level, gap-year medical students, as well as those with ongoing careers in the health care field. In addition to the science of health care delivery, degrees in applied sciences, health care policy, international health management and medical studies allow us to demonstrate our commitment to developing necessary skills that lead fundamental changes throughout all areas of health.

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Faculty and Research

Just as our educational programs prepare students for careers in rapidly changing health care systems, our research focuses on developing a broad view and deeper understanding of current and future challenges within health. Six scientific disciplines constitute the framework of research conducted by faculty and students: health economics and policy, health care management, population health, systems engineering, informatics and leadership. Beyond our campuses, we pursue community partnerships to foster system transformation by understanding complex systems, learning and innovation.

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