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Population Health

Population health is a multidisciplinary study that works to improve the health and vitality of defined groups from the very small to the very large. Any group that shares similar socioeconomic, geographical or clinical elements can be aided by population health efforts. Examples might be a group of families who all lived in the same housing with lead paint or an entire country that is impacted by a drought. Population health requires an understanding of the population’s health risks and social determinants of health, such as income, education, family support and access to healthy food.

Professionals in population health focus on preventing disease, reducing health disparities, examining policy and public health practices, improving health systems and promoting and improving the health in various populations. Effectively managing patients with complex chronic diseases, limited access to services or a tendency to end up in the hospital over and over again requires providers to significantly alter their traditional fee-for-service workflows and rely on a new set of team-based, collaborative skills. At the College of Health Solutions, we focus on providing current and aspiring population health professionals with a rigorous, high-caliber education that will help them make a difference.

Degree Programs

From global health problem-solving to creating healthy outcomes in communities and neighborhoods, our bachelor’s degrees and certificates educate students in health education, health promotion, health sciences and public health. Our programs prepare health professionals to improve health outcomes for all types of populations, from small community-based groups to large numbers that can impacted by public health initiatives. Students learn core concepts like health behavior, statistics and health data analysis, environmental health, epidemiology, health administration and policy and are prepared for careers impacting the health of entire groups in meaningful ways.

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Faculty and Research

Research conducted by the renowned faculty in the College of Health Solutions focuses on addressing the most pressing problems related to population health. With our college-wide focus on making an immediate and lasting impact on health outcomes, our faculty is supported in their research efforts and apply findings to our surrounding communities.

Faculty work with businesses, communities, health systems, neighborhood groups, nonprofit and government agencies, and policy entities such as tribes and local and state governments to improve the health of diverse populations.

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