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The Ronald E. Youngberg Scholarship

The Ronald E. Youngberg Scholarship is a permanent endowment for the master’s degree in communication disorders program at ASU’s College of Health Solutions. Funding for this scholarship is made possible by annual earnings of the Arizona State University account and by memorial gifts.

Mr. Youngberg was a client at the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic after suffering a stroke that left him with a communication impairment called aphasia that affects the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. For several years he participated in both individual and group therapy focused on increasing his communication skills and living with aphasia. During his time in the clinic, he interacted with many students who were learning how to evaluate and treat individuals who have communication difficulties following a stroke. Mr. Youngberg appreciated the opportunity to help students with their education by providing them with hands-on experience.

As a tribute to his memory, his family, Paula and James Webb, established the Ronald E. Youngberg Scholarship to provide financial aid to those seeking a profession in the art and science of speech-language pathology with a special emphasis in adult neurogenic treatment.

About the award

The award provides financial assistance to help defray educational expenses. Award winners must meet all admission eligibility requirements and continue academic progress, as verified by the speech and hearing science program, to receive the award. At present, this award is intended for master's students who are planning to pursue training in adult rehabilitation.


The Ronald E. Youngberg Scholarship is available to continuing full-time, regularly admitted students in the Master of Science in communication disorders program with a specialization in adult neurogenic disorders. Selection will be decided upon by the award committee.

Application procedures

Please submit your electronic application as a single attachment to shsgrad@asu.edu. The applicant needs to submit:

  • The speech and hearing science scholarship and fellowship application form.
  • A letter of recommendation from either an academic or clinical faculty member addressing your interest and strength in the area of adult neurorehabilitation. The faculty member will send their letter directly to shsgrad@asu.edu.
  • Resume (one to two pages).
  • Unofficial transcripts.
  • A brief biography (one to two pages) addressing the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a speech-language pathologist?
    • What are your goals?
    • Please include information about special financial needs or disabilities in your biography.

Save the application in a single document with the file name LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Ronald Youngberg_Year (e.g. SMITH_JANE_Ronald_Youngberg_2019)

Applications are due no later than Feb. 1. We may encourage strong admission candidates to apply after this deadline. All application materials must be submitted electronically. Paper submissions are not accepted. 

Finalists will be chosen by the awards committee no later than 30 days prior to the award announcement. The committee will then give recommendations for the final selection. The award will be announced as part of an annual awards ceremony in April. Recipients and donors are encouraged to attend this event.