Hearing Clinic

The goal of the Hearing Clinic at Arizona State University is to improve communication through education, diagnostic evaluation and individualized rehabilitative intervention. The Hearing Clinic is open to the public and offers expert, professional and comprehensive research-based services to patients of all ages from infants to senior citizens. A wide range of diagnostic audiological services to assess hearing ability and rehabilitative services to provide hearing aids, assistive devices and aural rehabilitation are available using the most innovative techniques, materials and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Self-referrals and referrals from physicians and other professionals accepted
  • Open year-round including summer and during semester breaks
  • The Hearing Clinic is under the direction of Dr. Ingrid McBride, AuD, CCC-A.


Our licensed audiologists are skilled in the areas of pediatric assessment and management including infant/toddler assessments, adult diagnostic audiological procedures, balance assessment, electrophysiological assessment, hearing aid and assistive technology selection and provision, auditory processing assessment and the development of effective communication skills through audiologic rehabilitation. Offsite screening services (hearing and speech) are also arranged with area schools, day care centers, extended care facilities and community health fairs on a routine basis through our Community Outreach Program.


Located at the Lattie F. Coor Hall at Tempe campus. An exemplary, full-service facility that includes:

  • Three double-walled audiometric test suites; two adult and one pediatric test suite.
  • Electrophysiology suite for evoked potentials, and videonystamography (VNG) assessments.
  • A separate testing room for immittance measures, otoacoustic emissions and video otoscopy.
  • One adult and one pediatric hearing aid fitting room equipped with real-ear hearing aid analysis and fitting equipment and ample space for counseling.
  • A hearing aid repair and service laboratory.
  • An assistive-technology demonstration center and room for group audiological rehabilitation.


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