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1 step closer in solving speech disorder

April 26, 2016

People take preventative measures every day. We use seat belts to prevent injury, wear sunscreen to prevent skin damage and lock our doors to prevent burglaries. Any way you look at it, preventing a disaster is preferable to dealing with its aftermath. The same holds true for medical disorders; prevention is always better than attempting to treat after diagnosis. For...

Health and the city

March 31, 2016

Air pollution. Heavy traffic. Too much concrete. Not enough parks or bike paths. Cities can get a bad rap when it comes to being spaces that encourage healthy behaviors. But a new international study shows that characteristics of cities such as high population and density might in fact lead to better health through more physical activity — if cities are...

ASU Doctor of Behavioral Health Joins PCORI Integrated Health Study

February 22, 2016

The Arizona State University Doctor of Behavioral Health program in collaboration with multiple Banner Health primary care clinics will take part in a national study of integrated behavioral health under the University of Vermont and Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI) grant

ASU awarded $1.4 million grant to create national resource center

October 16, 2015

Arizona State University has been awarded a grant for nearly $1.4 million to create the National Safety Net Payment and Service Delivery Reform Center to help implement health care payments and service delivery reform.