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Centers and Collaborations

The College of Health Solutions works with many others across ASU and beyond to advance research that is critical to changing the health paradigm. Research centers and collaborations include:


  • Center for Health Information and Research (CHiR)
    The Center for Health Information and Research is a multidisciplinary research team that provides actionable information about health care to our community, health care providers and payers, researchers, public health and other community organizations. 

  • Healthy Lifestyles Research Center
    The overarching goal of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center (HLRC) is to facilitate interactions among faculty that promote collaborative research into diverse aspects of how daily lifestyle habits and actions impact both short and long term health, chronic disease risk, and quality of life.


  • Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program
    The Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program has a vision for a sustainable US healthcare delivery system that produces high-value healthcare for all citizens and has two primary areas of concentration of its efforts:  describe, promote and facilitate the realization of high-value health care; and describe the policy implications and options to facilitate the self-organization of a high value healthcare system.

  • Office of Clinical Partnerships
    The Office of Clinical Partnerships ties researchers and health care practitioners together to test innovations, provide real-world training for students and bring research back to the community.  At ASU, these partnerships are the intersection between the university, social embeddedness and use-inspired research. Leveraging a vast clinical network, that includes area hospitals and health care organizations among others, provides students and researchers with increased access to collaboration and experiential learning. 

  • Healthcare Transformation Institute
    The Healthcare Transformation Institute (HTI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating health value by improving health outcomes, access to health services, and the way patient care is delivered.  The goal is to better link scientific discovery, healthcare delivery, and the reimbursement for health services to achieve high-value, patient-centric care.

  • Biostatistics Core
    The Biostatistics Core (BC) is a research collaboration unit to work with a multi-disciplinary network of health investigators conducting research in the College of Health Solutions (CHS) as well as Arizona State University (ASU). For this mission, the BC provides expertise in study design, implementation of statistical methodology and data analysis, data management and research methods training.